Brand South Africa to host a Nation Brand toolkit engagement

Brand South Africa in partnership with the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) and the Nelson Mandela Foundation will host…

3 years ago

South Africa: traveller’s customs guide

To help make your arrival in and departure from South Africa as smooth as possible, here's a quick guide…

4 years ago

Consular services for foreigners

Interested in visiting South Africa - to see or to stay, for business or pleasure (or both)? Our offices…

7 years ago

Immigration quick links

Check our link list for immigration application procedures, reception offices, contacts, advice, and support organisations.

7 years ago

Refugees and asylum seekers

South Africa, like all countries that are signatories to international and regional conventions and protocols on refugees, is obliged…

7 years ago

Immigrating to South Africa

Considering immigrating to and settling in South Africa? Find out about immigration categories, requirements and application procedures, and get…

7 years ago

Joburg opens migrant helpdesk

Johannesburg has opened a migrant helpdesk to provide legal migrants and asylum seekers with information on basic services such as…

14 years ago

Skilled foreigners welcome in SA

South Africa is welcoming skilled foreigners with open arms. The government has issued a list of quota work permits for…

15 years ago

New immigration law to draw skills

South Africa's new immigration regulations are designed to attract the foreign skills and investment needed for economic growth. They also…

16 years ago

SA revamps immigration services

South Africa has launched a specialist immigration branch in order to offer a professional, world-class service to the growing number…

16 years ago