Tourists watch as buffalo burst tyre to chase lions away

It is not unusual for different animal species like lions and buffalo to be seen fighting. Tourists in the Kruger National Park area recently got a fright when a buffalo surprised them by turning towards their cars to get lions off his back.

 buffalo_fighting_lions_article  A group of tourists visiting Kruger National Park was recently heard on a video saying they are trapped while these lions and buffalo were fighting with each other. (Image: Screengrab via Latest Sightings)

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Melissa Javan

A video by Latest Sightings showing two male lions fighting with a buffalo already has 45,500 views on YouTube since it was posted on Monday, 20 April 2015.

The video that was taken by tourists in the Kruger National Park, films the lions eating the back of the buffalo’s body. The buffalo then bursts a car’s tyre to chase the lions away.

Latest Sightings announced early in April that they have a program where contributors can earn money for their videos. For more information, go to Latest Sightings’ blog.

Watch the video of the buffalo bursting a car’s tyre to get lions off his back: