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Mapungubwe: South Africa’s lost city of gold

A thousand years ago, Mapungubwe was the centre of the largest kingdom in southern Africa, with a thriving trade in gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt. Discovered in 1932 but kept under wraps by the apartheid government, Mapungubwe is one of SA's eight Unesco World Heritage Sites.

South Africa’s heritage is world class

South Africa has eight World Heritage Sites, places identified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to be of "outstanding value to humanity".

Little Foot brought to life on the stage

Little Foot brought to life on the stage

One of South Africa's most famous hominins, Little Foot from the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site, has been incarnated in a play that has travelled around the UK - and is now headed for Grahamstown and Johannesburg.

World heritage in South Africa

The oldest visible meteor crater on earth. The island prison that held Nelson Mandela. The remains of an ancient African city state. Evidence of the earliest humans, and the richest and most beautiful collection of cave paintings south of the Sahara. South Africa is home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites.

SA's eighth World Heritage Site

SA’s eighth World Heritage Site

The Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape has become the eighth South African site to be inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List as a place of "outstanding value to humanity". The mountainous desert landscape is owned and managed by the Nama people, the last practitioners of a semi-nomadic pastoral livelihood at least two millennia old.


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