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Opportunities exist for SADC region to increase competitiveness

South Africa performs very well in the more complex areas of competitiveness, such as innovation, technological readiness, and financial market development, according to Caroline Galvan, the World Economic Forum’s Lead Economist for Competitiveness and Risks in Africa.

Recounting the year past


The South African nation brand’s dynamism and resilience has withstood a challenging year and has remained strong.

Connecting African youth for climate

Blueprint for Africa’s infrastructure deficit

The World Economic Forum's three-year blueprint, Africa Strategic Infrastructure Initiative, promotes public-private co-operation and identifies solutions to bottlenecks that lead to failure of large infrastructure projects in Africa. The initiative is being handed over to Nepad.
Brand South Africa at 'Summer Davos'

Brand South Africa at ‘Summer Davos’

Brand South Africa is flying the country's flag at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the Champions, or "Summer Davos", in Dalian, China from Wednesday to Friday.


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