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#NGODigitalSpaces, NGOs and social media

#NGODigitalSpaces workshops in South Africa taught people in the non-profit sector about using social media to gain the trust of potential donors and supporters....
South Africa hosts workshop to explain new driven machinery regulations

South Africa hosts workshop to explain new driven machinery regulations

Changes to the Driven Machinery Regulations have come into effect. To launch the new rules and standards, employers, company owners and safety officers attended a workshop on the requirements for the inspection and testing of driven machinery.

Brand South Africa invites stakeholders to contribute to insights on the South African Nation...

Brand South Africa will engage with various stakeholders from Gauteng in a workshop on Wednesday 19 August. The workshop seeks to unpack the ways in which the province can contribute to the country’s competitive advantage.

Grassroots soccer talent nurtured in Port Elizabeth

The Chevrolet Ute Force, in partnership with the Dreamfields Project, a non-profit organisation that focuses on soccer development, rolled out its coaching workshop in Port Elizabeth, with 16 primary schools from around the city taking part.

Final call for journalism award

The University of the Witwatersrand’s Investigative Journalism Workshop, in conjunction with the Valley Trust, is launching its last call for entries for South Africa’s biggest journalism award, the Taco Kuiper Award.
• Dual degrees from Wits, Columbia

Apply for Tierney Fellowship 2009

Applications are now being accepted for the 2009 Tierney Fellowship at the Market Photo Workshop. The fellowship aims to provide the successful applicant with the financial support necessary to research and produce a body of photographic work, in consultation with a mentor, over the period of a year.

Global whale watching workshop

Global whale watching workshop

The first International Whale Watching Workshop, taking place in Cape Town this week, will bring scientists and managers from around the world together to develop a framework for the sustainable management of whale watching globally.


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