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Durban developer’s mobile app scores in Nokia competition

Want to be in your photograph but don't want to ask a stranger to take your picture? TapShoot is the answer. The intriguing smartphone app for Windows phones grabbed its developer a top place in the Nokia Future/Capture contest.

Ubuntu beats Windows and Mac

South African entrepreneur and one-time cosmonaut Mark Shuttleworth’s open-source Ubuntu operating system has bettered Windows and Macintosh, proving to be the most hack-proof system at the annual hacking contest held at Canada's CanSecWest security conference.
SA firm bridges smartphone divide

SA firm bridges smartphone divide

South African start-up company Red Five Labs has developed pioneering technology that overcomes the incompatibility between the two major smartphone programming languages, allowing Microsoft .NET applications to run unchanged on Symbian OS powered mobile phones.
Call for comment on .za domain

Microsoft Windows in Zulu

Many South Africans will soon be able to use a computer in their home language for the first time. Microsoft has released an isiZulu version of its Windows XP operating system, with a Setswana version due in May and Afrikaans in June.


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