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Tag: wind power

Nigerian student builds solar car from scrap

The thing with solar-powered cars is that you can only drive them during the day. It's a problem solved by Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola, who added a wind turbine to his Beetle. Now he can drive all night, too.

Electrify Africa: bringing light to the dark continent

Half-a-billion people in Africa have no access to a reliable electricity supply and must use expensive and unhealthy alternatives, like diesel generators. With its Power Africa initiative, the US and its partners plan to change this. It is perhaps the largest of several projects on the go.

Africa’s first off-grid bank

The sleepy Cape Flats suburb of Lansdowne now boasts an African first – a bank branch entirely off the power grid. The new-look Nedbank branch has taught the bank a great deal about greening and sustainability.


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