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The Conversation goes live in Africa

The arrival of The Conversation Africa website allows journalists in newsrooms and researchers and academics in universities to join forces for ground-breaking work. Articles on the site are also allowed to be republished elsewhere, so the information reaches more readers.

The press in South Africa

There are 23 daily and 14 weekly major urban newspapers in South Africa, most published in English. There are also a number of regional...
SA online media 'comes of age'

South Africa’s online visitors

Foreigners are not only visiting South Africa by the planeload, they're also a strong presence in South African cyberspace, significantly boosting the traffic of the country's news websites.
Call for comment on .za domain

Call for comment on .za domain

The South African .za Domain Name Authority has launched a public consultation process to ensure management of the country's domain name is in line with global practice. The .za domain is South Africa's cyber address code, used to identify local e-mail addresses and websites.


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