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online lenders

South Africa entrepreneurs get online access to 200 lenders

Did you know that there is a website where small business owners who are looking for funding are connected to 200 lenders? They can...

New push for careers in science and innovation

An information portal has been launched by the Department of Science and Technology designed to inspire pupils and students to become scientists and engineers. Alongside career insight, it includes information on things such as bursaries and funding in the sector.

Mandela portrait raises R2m for charity

New online home for Mandela’s legacy

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is preparing for the first anniversary of Madiba's passing in December with the launch of a new-look website and a special interactive exhibition at the Centre of Memory in Johannesburg, where members of the public will be able to pay tribute to their former leader.
Consular services for foreigners

Consular services for foreigners

Interested in visiting South Africa - to see or to stay, for business or pleasure (or both)? Our offices abroad, your country's office in South Africa, as well as the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, can help you in a number of ways.
South African news websites

South African news websites

South Africa boasts a free, robust and flourishing press - and it's not restricted to print. All the major media operators in the country, and plenty of smaller ones besides, have a healthy presence in cyberspace.
'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

Africa’s first fact-check website launched

The AFP Foundation has partnered with the journalism department of Wits University in Johannesburg to launch Africa Check, the first website on the continent set up exclusively to hold public figures accountable by fact-checking public debate.

World Cup mobisite launched

The Government Communication and Information System has launched its official 2010 Fifa World Cup website on a mobile platform, allowing fans access to football information from their mobile phones.
• Exciting start to World Cup

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  Brand South Africa website links 1. National Treasury 2. South African Reserve Bank 3. Department of Trade and Industry 4. The DTI 5. Land Affairs 6. Department of Health 7. Treatment...
Altius invests in consumer website

Altius invests in consumer website

South African consumer website getclosure! has sold a stake in its business to black-owned investment company Altius Investment Holidings, with the proceeds being used to promote the service and fund enchancements to the site, such as tailoring it for mobile use.
SA's child porn tip-off website

SA’s child porn tip-off website

The government is to launch an anti-child pornography website in July, and is urging South Africans to report incidents and provide tip-offs anonymously.


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