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South Africa’s weather and climate

A subtropical location, moderated by ocean on two sides of the triangle-shaped country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa - and so popular with its foreign visitors.

Kilimo Salama farmers’ safety

Small scale farmers in east and central Africa are able to get some measure of insurance protection from bad weather through a micro-insurance project that is run entirely through mobile phone technology.
New centre to enhance food security

quick guide South Africa

The quick guide to South Africa

What languages do South Africans speak? Is South Africa a democracy? Are there big cities with modern amenities? Are the roads tarred? How far will my money go? ... You've got three minutes to spare? Here's the lowdown on why South Africa's going to surprise you.
Widespread snowfall across South Africa

Widespread snowfall across South Africa

South Africa experienced unusually widespread snowfall as a cold front gripped the country on Tuesday. In Johannesburg, schoolchildren and office workers took to the playgrounds and the streets to witness the city's heaviest fall since September 1981.
'Climate Train' leads way to COP 17

‘Climate Train’ leads way to COP 17

The government and civil society have partnered to launch a unique "Climate Train" to criss-cross South Africa raising awareness on changing weather patterns ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference starting in Durban on 28 November.

Why do I love South Africa?

I love her for the perfection of her days
The crisp Karoo morning
The Joburg winter noon
The late summer Cape Town sunset
The star-filled Free State night

South Pole adventurers return

The pair of adventurers who this year became the first South Africans to walk to the South Pole without any assistance has returned to home soil – and their next extreme adventure they say will be poles apart from this one.

MeteoSat training centre launched

South Africa's new SADC MeteoSat Training Centre will provide African scientists with training in the use of the MeteoSat satellite, launched in 2002 to provide meteorological data across the continent.
A climate made for sport

A climate made for sport

Many factors combine to produce peak performances from athletes. Some can be controlled, others can't. Weather is one of those things. SA's climate is a wonderful advertisement for the outdoor lifestyle. Lately, athletes from far afield have begun to discover how good it is, too.


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