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Turning junk into treasure

African artists' use of discarded materials is driven by artistic vision, not necessity, and with their works they're creating dialogue about social, historical, and political realities.
Recycled cricket gear creates jobs

Transforming waste to wealth

Lorna Rutto from Kenya has been named the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2011 laureate for sub-Saharan Africa for her creative business idea of making fence posts from plastic waste.
Portable plant makes fuel from waste

Waste gives Such artistic inspiration

Two South African artists are creating eco-conscious public art from waste to raise awareness about recycling.
Waste drive reaps rewards

Using waste to save the world

A Western Cape household is the first in South Africa to implement a municipality-approved biodigester, which uses household – and human – waste to recycle water and generate cooking gas.

Pushing for 'zero waste' in 2010

Pushing for ‘zero waste’ in 2010

Non-governmental organisation the Institute for Zero Waste has launched a national initiative to reduce the potential negative impacts of waste and pollution during the 2010 Fifa World Cup.


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