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2010 volunteer drive kicks off

Applications have opened for the 15 000 volunteers who will help make the 2010 Fifa World Cup a world-class event.

Volunteers will be 'face of SA'

Volunteers will be ‘face of SA’

Volunteers will be the first and last point of contact for visitors to South Africa during the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup, Local Organising Committee CEO Danny Jordaan told over 1 000 volunteers at their first training session in Pretoria on Sunday.

Greenpeace takes on Africa

Environmental watchdog Greenpeace has opened its first African office in Johannesburg, and is making no secret of its arrival.

Calling all 2009

Thousands put up hands for 2009

The volunteer application process for the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup South Africa has closed with almost 35 000 applications received.
Calling all 2009

Calling all 2009, 2010 volunteers!

Ordinary South Africans, as well as people with specialist skills, now have the chance to be part of the world's most popular sporting event. Applications have opened for 5 000 local volunteers for the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup - the first step towards the recruitment 15 000 volunteers for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
Ireland's SA housing volunteers

Ireland’s SA housing volunteers

The Niall Mellon Township Initiative has built 600 houses for South African shack dwellers since 2003 - and is busy raising millions of euros to build thousands more.