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Tsima uses video to help fight Aids

Tsima thumbSonke Gender Justice is running a community mobilisation intervention and research trial in Mpumalanga that uses short video stories to mobilise people to stop the spread of HIV and Aids.

Southern Africa remains free of Ebola

Despite deaths in West Africa and the US, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease in South Africa or any of its neighbouring countries, and the country is fully prepared for any outbreak, should it occur.

Animation tells the story of Ebola and how to avoid it

Fear, distrust and a lack of education are adding fuel to the rampant spread of Ebola through West Africa and beyond. To try to get the facts to people in the frontline countries, a group of international NGOs has teamed up with a video production company on an animated short that tells the story in local languages.

Ivory Coast take on ice bucket challenge helps fight Ebola

Bloggers in the West African country of Ivory Coast are using a "soap bucket challenge" on social media to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus, and educate the people on how to avoid infection.

AID My Journey-Support

Cindy Pivacic is a speaker and an information, education and communication facilitator living positively with HIV since November 2004. She offers counselling and support services, and tries to alleviate the stigma attached to HIV.

Germs produce novel HIV drug

South African researchers have genetically engineered a strain of bacteria to produce large and affordable quantities of a novel and highly effective treatment for HIV.

Killing salmonella

Killing salmonella, avian flu in eggs

A consortium led by South Africa's CSIR has developed a new technique to destroy the salmonella bacteria by pasteurising whole raw eggs - without cooking them. The process also holds has the potential to destroy the bird flu virus in eggs.


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