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Solms-Delta lives a transformation ethos

South Africa's famous wine farms were founded and built on slavery, and are still suffering the effects of this terrible legacy. But Solms-Delta, a farm in the beautiful Franschhoek valley, has put in place various mechanisms to build a truly equal industry, while paying respect to the past.

Lifetime award for wine leader

As the head of Wines of South Africa, Su Birch has brought ethical and green practices to the industry through her initiatives, the Sustainability Seal and the Ethical Seal, which focus on environmentally friendly factors and promote fair labour choices, respectively.
Women in wine is export winner

Women in Wine export winner

Women in Wine is toasting its success as its wines are well-received in the export market. Its allure, the company believes, lies in more than just its quality tipple. Buyers are supporting its drive to empower female farm workers, putting their money where their mouth is.
‘Most exciting’ New World wine

‘Most exciting’ New World wine

After years in the wilderness, South Africa's wines are coming into their own. And its winemakers are garnering high praise from international experts for their innovation and shift towards purer, more elegant wines.
• SA wine tourism, best in the world

Wine in three languages

South Africa’s first trilingual dictionary for the wine industry is now available online. The specialised subject dictionary contains translations and descriptions of 3500 industry terms in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.
Transforming SA's wine industry

Wine exports break new records

South African wines continue to show growth in the markets of the world, with a reported 35% increase in overseas sales for the first three months of the year, and exports outstripping local sales for the first time.


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