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South Africa's trek to the start of time

South African university plans telescope

A R70-million telescope is planned for the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The Hirax will be the university's legacy project, and will allow its astronomers to look back in time, to a few billion years after the beginning of time. It will consist of a thousand dishes of 6m in diameter each.

Ginwala helped shape South Africa’s history

An academic, a writer and journalist, a sharp legal mind, a human rights advocate – Dr Frene Ginwala is all of these things. She has devoted her life to bringing equality to South Africa, and was instrumental in writing our Constitution. In all, she has played her part in building a free, prosperous nation.

Brand SA/Sowetan Dialogues urge African unity

Brand SA/Sowetan Dialogues panelistsThe most recent Brand South Africa/Sowetan Dialogues event urged South Africans to recognise the role other Africans played in the nation's struggle for freedom.

Steve Biko: a life too short

Steve Biko would have been 67 today. Instead the Black Consciousness Movement founder's life ended tragically, and brutally, when he was just 31.


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