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Frequently asked questions about voting in the 2014 elections

Why vote? Am I eligible to vote? Where do I vote? What are my rights as a voter? Read our plain English answers to these and many more questions about South Africa's 2014 elections.

The Union Buildings: now a national treasure

Dominating Pretoria's skyline, the Union Buildings have seen administrations come and go, and paid witness to political protests and declarations of social unity. The building has now been recognised as a pivotal spot in South African history, and is officially a national heritage site.

'Like 1994' as mourners queue for Mandela

‘Like 1994’ as mourners queue for Mandela

In scenes reminiscent of South Africa's first democratic elections nearly 20 years ago, tens of thousands of mourners queued up at park-and-ride areas in Pretoria on Thursday for a bus ride to the Union Buildings where Nelson Mandela's body lay in state for a second day.


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