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South Africa welcomes another world heritage site

Unesco's World Heritage Committee has included South Africa's ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape on its list of world heritage sites.Priya PitamberSouth Africa's ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape in...

Garden Route is now a biosphere reserve, says Unesco

The Garden Route in South Africa has been added, along with other areas around the world, to Unesco's list of biosphere reserves.Priya PitamberSouth Africa's...
Hanging with South Africans

International Literacy Day promotes understanding

As the world commemorates International Literacy Day, the Department of Education proposes changes to its language policies, making it compulsory to learn an African language at school.

South Africa drives Africa’s internet traffic

More than half of Africa's internet traffic is driven by South African business, but the country still lags in internet penetration. However, with growing mobile connectivity, it will soon catch up with the rest of the continent, making Africa an internet powerhouse.
Entrepreneur builds internet empire

South Africa’s heritage is world class

South Africa has eight World Heritage Sites, places identified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to be of "outstanding value to humanity".

Obami opens up the classroom

Technology is coming to the assistance of under-resourced rural schools in the form of Obami. On a road trip through the country, its creators "experienced hope.

Ancient culture from the Border Cave

KZN’s Border Cave is an anthropological treasure trove which has yielded an continuous record of occupation – including the world's oldest mathematical instrument – for the last 120 000 years.
New fox species found at Malapa

Recycled cricket gear creates jobs

With the new Kriki for Shore initiative, cricket-mad and green-minded South Africans can now play their game with the added knowledge that they are helping to clean up our beaches and create jobs in communities.

UCT team on Petra mission

A team from the University of Cape Town’s geomatics department, working with Unesco, is making a valuable contribution to the digital survey and mapping of the ancient rock city of Petra in Jordan.
Border posts go hi-tech

Africa takes charge of its heritage

Participants at Africa’s first-ever international world heritage conference, held under the auspices of the Unesco World Heritage Centre, have declared the event to be a success.
World heritage in South Africa


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