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Sisters doing it for Generation Earth

Ella and Catherine Constantinides have built their careers on loving the planet, and spreading that love to South Africa's youngsters through their Generation Earth initiative.

Africa most vulnerable to climate change

Climate change need not spell disaster for Africa, a panel of experts agrees. But to mitigate its effects, strong enforcement of laws needs to be put in place, and urban planning needs to be modernised and include urban green planning. Trees must be planted and open spaces preserved.

Join Miss Earth SA in Melville Koppies clean up!

In honour of National Environment Week and World Environment Day, the Miss Earth South Africa will be visiting Melville Koppies West Nature Reserve for their annual clean up project on Saturday, 1 June, and are calling on members of the public to join in.

African adventure for electric car

A daring Frenchman has set out on an unassisted 5 000km journey across Africa in an electric car, relying on help from local people to get him to Johannesburg. The trip aims to promote the use of green energy for transport.
• South African market hungry for the Joule


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