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Brand South Africa calls on citizens to get tested for HIV this World AIDS...

Johannesburg, Saturday 01 December 2018 – This World AIDS Day – Brand South Africa encourages all citizens to play their part and get tested...

World Aids Day 2014: Zero stigma, zero discrimination

Using the UNAids World Aids Day theme for 2011 to 2015 – “Getting to Zero” – over the next 12 months South Africa will focus on achieving zero discrimination against people living with HIV and Aids, while not forgetting the goals of zero HIV infections and zero Aids-related deaths.

Star power lights up UNAids’ Fast-Track Targets

South Africa is at the forefront of the HIV pandemic in several ways: it has the highest number of HIV-positive people, but also the largest HIV managed care programme, and it has negotiated down the costs of viral-load testing. Now South African-born actress Charlize Theron is standing up for UNAids.

A goal kick for HIV/Aids awareness

Football for Hope, a FIFA initiative to raise awareness of HIV/Aids prevention among township youth in South Africa, is proving successful. It is increasing awareness of the importance of gender equality, the ravages of sexual violence and the ramifications of teenage pregnancy.

SA scientist uncovers cosmic crash

Bala is goodwill ambassador

South African R&B star Loyiso Bala is using his talent to champion good causes. Already a Mandela 46664 ambassador, the singer has been appointed South African UNAids Goodwill Ambassador, a job in which he will help fight violence against women and discrimination against people with HIV and Aids.

South Africa’s reputation in the spotlight

Delegates gathered at a Brand South Africa workshop ahead of the South African Competitiveness Forum to compare and align their approaches to building and maintaining the country’s reputation abroad

Brand South Africa, churches work together

At the recent National Church Leaders’ Consultation Programme, Brand South Africa’s Leo Makgamathe presented the organisation’s goals, highlighting church leaders’ roles in building a better country.

World Aids Day 2011: Working together to get to zero

Johannesburg, 30 November 2011. December 1 is World Aids Day and this year’s global theme highlights the need for leadership and accountability in the effort to minimize the impact of HIV.

Zimbabwean fathers fight HIV

Men in rural Zimbabwe are taking a hands-on approach to pregnancy – and to preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child.
R13m boost for HIV clinic in SA

Aids in South Africa stabilising: UN

Aids in South Africa stabilising: UN

South Africa is one of three countries in southern Africa where the prevalence of HIV/Aids has stabilised, while the country also has the largest number of people on anti-retroviral treatment worldwide, according to a report from the UN Joint Programme on HIV/Aids.


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