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The Kite Patch: fighting malaria

A mosquito repellent patch, made using non-toxic substances, is being developed to curb diseases such as malaria. Developed by Olfactor Laboratories in the US,...

Powerful women shape Africa

Women have left their mark in various fields across the continent of Africa. From medicine to fashion design and politics, they have tackled huge challenges and have emerged victorious. Their stories serve to inspire future generations.

Anzisha Prize offers a million to African entrepreneurs

Over a million rand is up for grabs to winners of the Anzisha Prize. Weeklong training in Johannesburg is planned for the 12 young African entrepreneurs, who range in age from 18 to 22, shortlisted for the prize before the awards ceremony. Training includes entrepreneurial leadership, mentorship and a significant transfer of skills.

Broadcasting African documentaries to Africa

Broadcasting African documentaries to Africa

South Africa's Durban International Film Festival initiated a world first on Monday as it began broadcasting a full week of African documentary films to television audiences across sub-Saharan Africa.

Ugandan entrepreneur looks after women and girls

At 13, with no parents to fend for her or her siblings, Best Ayiorwoth dropped out of school to look after her family. Today a 22-year-old award-winning entrepreneur, Ayiorwoth's story is a remarkable one of inspiration, courage and perseverance.

Six decades to survey East Africa’s flora

An epic survey of the flora of tropical East Africa is now complete, 60 years after it began, and is expected to be invaluable to scientists and researchers working in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, and wildlife management.
Kew shows Africa’s plant wealth

Acting on Uganda’s anti-Aids progress

Uganda, once the pioneer in Africa’s fight against HIV/Aids, is re-focusing its efforts against the epidemic. An NGO with roots in theatre development is getting people to learn about the disease from their own community members, through creative expression.
Keeping the story of HIV alive in SA

Plant trees in Uganda, earn money

At least 2 500 farmers in the western districts of Uganda are earning extra cash and boosting their livelihoods, by planting trees alongside their crops in a scheme that is helping to sequester carbon dioxide.
Ugandan eco project up for award

Driving a new vision for Africa

The 2011 Brand Africa Forum, sponsored by Brand South Africa and Brand Leadership Academy, saw an impressive range of pan-African, diasporan and global thought leaders, influencers and decision-makers coming together to debate how Africa can drive its growth, reputation and competitiveness.

Foreign investors eye African consumers

Woolies expands in Tanzania, Uganda

South African retailer Woolworths has formed a joint venture in Tanzania and Uganda with Tanzanian businessman and former franchise partner Ali Mufuruki, in an effort to accelerate its expansion into the rest of the continent.


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