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UCT researchers

South African research team make a breakthrough in cardiology

A mutation in a gene has been identified by South African researchers as the cause of heart disease and cardiac arrest. It affects the...

Pack programme brings primary healthcare to the people

pack---thumb The low-cost Practical Approach to Care Kit, or Pack, which allows healthcare workers to diagnose and manage a range of common ailments, is now being rolled out by South Africa's University of Cape Town.

Inspiring teachers honoured at UCT ceremony

KennethTshabalala---thumbTwo science teachers were handed a prestigious award at the University of Cape Town not just for their work in the classroom, but also for being mentors to learners from underprivileged backgrounds.

Children’s hospital pioneers new way to examine brain

redcross---thumbA medical team at the University of Cape Town have pioneered a new method to inspect a child's brain by using ultrasound. This can prevent exposure to harmful radiation, anaesthesia and surgery.

Cape fires are 'right on time' for fynbos

Cape fires are ‘right on time’ for fynbos, says UCT ecologist

As devastating as the ongoing fires around the Cape Peninsula have been to tracts of nature reserve and property, regular fires every 15 years are critical to the rebirth of fynbos-dominated ecosystems, says fynbos ecologist Dr Adam West.
Retired UCT academic unravels mystery of Wilde's wife

Retired UCT academic unravels mystery of Wilde’s wife

The death of Constance Wilde, wife of playwright Oscar Wilde, remained a mystery for over a century. Now, thanks to medical sleuthing by retired UCT academic and psychiatrist Dr Ashley Robins, and Wilde's grandson Merlin Holland, the cause of her death may have been discovered.
R252m scholarship project to reverse Africa's 'brain drain'

R252m scholarship project to reverse Africa’s ‘brain drain’

Around 300 "committed future leaders" from across sub-Saharan Africa will soon have the opportunity to study at the University of Cape Town, under a project aimed at reversing Africa's "brain drain" and contributing to the continent's social and economic growth.
UCT in world top 100 subject ranking

University extends reach across Africa

The University of Cape Town has launched a suite of online postgraduate programmes as part of a strategic initiative that will enable students across Africa to study with high-touch interactive support.

Brightest young maths minds shine at Cape Town Olympiad

Two days, six questions, tough challenges. The International Mathematical Olympiad, regarded as the most difficult but prestigious of the Olympiads, was hosted in South Africa for the first time, and the country did well against the world's best, earning a medal and several honourable mentions.

Cape Town hosts world’s biggest maths Olympiad yet

Some 600 students from schools across the world are in Cape Town for two days of rigorous tests during the 55th International Mathematics Olympiad, the biggest in its history and the first to be hosted in Africa.


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