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Video: SA Legacy - put your soul into it!

Video: SA Legacy – put your soul into it!

"During the 2010 Fifa World Cup, we showed that together, we can achieve anything. We showed that ubuntu is more than a word ..." Brand South Africa's latest video calls on South Africans to "keep wearing the flag with all your heart ... keep making ours the greatest country in the world. Put your soul into it!"
A Green Day For Bafana?

A Green Day For Bafana?

The SA soccer stars have a new jersey! A dark green "ubuntu’ inspired creation that is bound to set them apart from any other team at this year’s Fifa World Cup.
America's highest award for Tutu

America’s highest award for Tutu

US President Barack Obama, presenting America's highest civilian honour to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, said the Nobel Peace Laureate exemplified "that sense of generosity, that spirit of unity, that essence of humanity that South Africans know simply as ubuntu."

Ubuntu software for schools

The open-source SchoolTool school administration software, conceived in Cape Town by South African Mark Shuttleworth in 2000, is now available in version 1.0 under Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Ubuntu against xenophobia

In early May Mozambican Ernesto Alphabeto Nhamwavane was burned to death on the streets of Reiger Park. A few days later South African Velda Plaatjies, also of Reiger Park, emptied the last R12 in her purse - bread money - into the hands of the Red Cross.

Ubuntu beats Windows and Mac

South African entrepreneur and one-time cosmonaut Mark Shuttleworth’s open-source Ubuntu operating system has bettered Windows and Macintosh, proving to be the most hack-proof system at the annual hacking contest held at Canada's CanSecWest security conference.
An ubuntu Buddhist in Ixopo

An ubuntu Buddhist in Ixopo

Barbara Ludman (re)learns how to live in the moment at South Africa's home of "ubuntu Buddhism", and one of the most beautiful spots on the planet: the laid back, but not disengaged, Buddhist Retreat Centre near the town of Ixopo in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mbeki: ‘Don’t forget ubuntu’

Opening the National House of Traditional Leaders, South African president Thabo Mbeki said that South Africans must hold onto the spirit of ubuntu, and that traditional leaders hold the key to moral regeneration.
Using ubuntu to bind the people

Using ubuntu to bind the people

President Thabo Mbeki has urged South Africans to look at the question of identity and how the country's heritage can help define it, suggesting that the African philosophy of ubuntu could help bind this culturally diverse country to a common purpose.
'Ubuntu' university lifts off

‘Ubuntu’ university lifts off

CIDA City Campus has turned the traditional model of higher education on its head. Partnership based, community oriented, technology driven, the university provides world-class education to disadvantaged students at a fraction of the normal cost. Sound impossible?


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