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Job Advice SA: online network uses Twitter to help job seekers

If you're looking for work, Job Advice SA is willing to guide you. All you have to do is contact them on social media...
book campaign review

Campaigns promote read a book, tweet your review

Several campaigns have got many South Africans to get in the habit of reading books and posting their reviews on Twitter.Melissa Javan Coffee shops, bus...

Young South Africans: This is how we do it

Many young South Africans begin their day answering a simple question. Whether its Twitter's "What's happening?" or Facebook's "What's on your mind?", the way...

People show positive image of Africa

Young Africans, who are fed up with the unrelenting negative stereotypes of the continent spread by the mainstream media, have started a new campaign on social media.

Live Twitter chat with Dr Clinton Carter-Brown on renewable energy in South Africa

On Wednesday, 22 April, Brand South Africa will host a live Twitter chat on renewable energy with the technical director of energy at Aurecon, Dr Clinton Carter-Brown. 

Riaad Moosa: Muslims are not extremists

South African comedian, Riaad Moosa, is at the forefront of a campaign that aims to change the negative perceptions of Muslims. Called #MuslimNotExtremist, it aims to show that Muslims are normal people leading lives that are anything but militant.

Africa’s biggest democracy votes: ‘Whoever wins, Nigeria has the victory’

Despite rain and the death of 41 people in an attack by terrorist group Boko Haram, millions of Nigerians turned out to vote in hotly contested elections to choose the president of Africa's most populous country.

Join Brand South Africa live on Twitter with Homecoming Revolution’s Angel Jones

Join Brand South Africa on Wednesday 18 March for a 20-minute live-tweeting conversation with the inspirational Angel Jones, founder and CEO of Homecoming Revolution. The session will reach out to Global South Africans for questions on contributing to skills and employment in South Africa.

Live Twitter chat with Dr Iraj Abedian on South Africa’s 2015 Budget

Brand South Africa will host a live Twitter chat with economist Dr Iraj Abedian, founder and chief executive of Pan-African Capital Holdings, to explore the implications of South Africa's 2015 national Budget for both investors and citizens.

Tech mentors meet South African girls

Tech mentors meet South African girls

A group of 40 of the top women in technology from around the world - including a Twitter vice-president - spent the day with girls from GirlHype in Khayelitsha. They talked mentorship, careers in the field, coding and how to use social media to grow their success.


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