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play your part andile khumalo

Play Your Part episode 10: Get involved

Here's how you can get involved with entrepreneurs Bongekile Radebe, Andile Khumalo and Nneile Nkholise, who feature on episode 10 of Play Your Part.Brand...
play your part michael mol

Play Your Part episode eight: synopsis

Take a sneak peek at episode eight of the Play Your Part television series.Brand South Africa reporter Dr Michael Mol, who is one of three...
play your part alan farber synopsis

Play Your Part episode seven: get involved

If you want to rub shoulders with the guests on episode seven of the Play Your Part TV series, and lend a hand to...
play your part synopsis tumi ramasodi

Play Your Part episode seven: synopsis

Get your sneak peek of episode seven of the Play Your Part TV series, here:Brand South Africa reporter From individuals who run an after-care learning...
play your part episode tv mogau seshoene

Play Your Part episode four: get involved with the initiatives

You can get involved with the guests featured on episode four of Play Your Part. In this episode viewers will discover how they contribute...
play your part tshiamo legoale get involved

Play Your Part episode three: Get involved with the initiatives

The Play Your Part television series this week features Tebogo Ditshego, Karin Landi, and Tshiamo Legoale, all of whom contribute to making South Africa...

Trade and investment the focus of this week’s Play Your Part TV

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part focuses on South Africans who are helping build a better future through the role they play in securing trade and investment.

South Africans at the frontier on Play Your Part TV

The sixth episode of Brand South Africa's Play Your Part television series, which airs on SABC 2 on Sunday 20 July at 9pm, features pioneering South Africans who are Playing their Part by pushing the boundaries of technology, the environment and space.

SKA: answering the big questions about the universe

Is the universe expanding? What is dark energy? What's the deal with gravity? And the biggest question of all; are we alone? The Square Kilometre Array, which will aim to answer these questions and more, is slowly taking shape in a remote corner of South Africa's starry-skied Karoo.

Play Your Part TV series – Promo 1

tvnews1South Africans who are doing the country proud with their positive work will be highlighted in the Play Your Part TV series, created by Brand South Africa and aired on SABC 2.


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