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Make saving the planet a habit

Countless organisations around the globe are sharing tips on how to save the planet on World Environment Day on 5 June. But they will also encourage people to turn these tips into daily habits.

The treevolution has begun

Planting trees for fun, for reforestation, for the environment, for biodiversity, for beauty, for bridging the social gap - Cape Town's Greenpop has plenty of good reasons for its treevolution.

Uganda’s Mt Elgon gets a million trees

A three-year project to increase forest cover and help local communities in eastern Uganda adapt to climate change has been launched.

Uganda’s Mt Elgon gets a million trees

Local communities in eastern Uganda are to benefit from a three-year project launched recently to help them adapt to climate change, and also to increase forest cover in the region.
African farmers land juicy deal

Township property market hots up

Greening Soweto, a tree at a time

Since the launch of Greening Soweto - a project aimed at beautifying South Africa's largest township - in September 2006, over 50 000 indigenous trees have been planted along its streets, leading to Johannesburg's "biggest greening revolution" yet.
We're living in an urban forest

We’re living in an urban forest

It's official - there are six million trees in Johannesburg. On satellite pictures, the city looks like a rain forest. But in the 1880s, when Afrikaner farmers settled on the Witwatersrand, there was hardly a tree in sight.


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