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City of Tshwane a step closer to launching bus rapid transit system

City of Tshwane a step closer to launching bus rapid transit system

New A Re Yeng bus rapid transit system buses have been unveiled by the City of Tshwane. The BRT system will start operating on 17 November for a two-week test period with buses operating from the city centre through to Hatfield.
New transport era for Joburg

Bus rapid transit to ‘free’ Soweto

A new bus rapid transit route connecting Soweto to Johannesburg's central business district is set to become operational on 14 October, opening up a crucial new "corridor of freedom" in South Africa's busiest city.
Absa trials 'tap-and-go' payment cards

Absa trials ‘tap-and-go’ payment cards

Absa and DigiCore are working on a contactless "tap-and-go" card payment solution designed to work seamlessly across different modes of public transport, including taxis, with a pilot project currently under way in the Western Cape.
SA launches Bus Rapid Transit

Bus rapid transit: so far, so good

Johannesburg's new bus rapid transit system, little over a month old, is running relatively smoothly. The hiccups are coming mainly from the other drivers on the city's busy roads, but the passengers are happy.

Cape Town’s new bus system

Cape Town’s planned integrated rapid transit system is going full steam ahead – development of the first phase is currently underway, with a planned operational date of March 2010.


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