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south africa's secret beaches noordhoek

Finding South Africa’s secret beaches

South Africa's 3 000 kilometres of coastline holds many treasures, unspoilt places hidden from mainstream tourists. Discover the space, privacy, soft sand and clear blue waves of the country's secret beaches.
wine food tourism conference

Wine and food tourism experts talk growth

Trends in tourism – visitors seeking experiences – and ways to market South Africa's excellent wine and food tourism industries were unpacked at the...

Tourists watch as buffalo burst tyre to chase lions away

It is not unusual for different animal species like lions and buffalo to be seen fighting. Tourists in the Kruger National Park area recently got a fright when a buffalo surprised them by turning towards their cars to get lions off his back.

It's all about the bike for young SA entrepreneur

It’s all about the bike for young SA entrepreneur

Jeffrey Mulaudzi's idea to offer tourists a glimpse of the "real South Africa" by taking them on a bicycle tour of Alexandra township has seen his business grow into one of Johannesburg's top attractions.

Travel and tourism boom for South Africa

South Africa's wild beauty and sunny skies have long attracted tourists, but the numbers are growing rapidly, with arrivals increasing by 5.1% and the industry contributing a whopping R35.3-billion to the economy.
Africa to act on aviation safety

To and from OR Tambo Airport

Assess your options for getting from Africa's busiest airport to wherever you're staying in the city - and back again.
Tourists with disabilities

Tourists with disabilities

South Africa is constantly improving its facilities for disabled tourists, and many places of interest have specially adapted accommodation and wheelchair-friendly facilities and walks.
South Africa's Freedom Park

Freedom Park for free on 27 April

As part of the country's Freedom Day celebrations, South Africans, including tourists, will be offered free entrance to the newly completed //hapo museum at Freedom Park outside Pretoria.
Limpopo lodge goes 100% green

South African tourism industry upbeat

South Africa's tourism industry is showing signs of a return to "business as usual", or slightly better than usual, following a couple of very tough years, judging by the latest Tourism Business Index from the Tourism Business Council of South Africa and FNB.

Touring Joburg like never before

Johannesburg residents and tourists alike will soon be able to hop on a bus and explore the history and heritage of the city, thanks to an innovative tour operation that has already seen success in Cape Town.
SA's wine tourism, best in the world


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