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Gauteng celebrates carnival culture

The Joburg suburb of Yeoville, once home to an arty, student crowd, is now filled with immigrants and refugees from across Africa. It is a vibrant melting pot of African culture, and the perfect venue for the Gauteng Children’s Carnival.
Educated children help the nation grow

Have a heritage weekend

By foot or by bus, there are several tours on offer taking in the rich history of Johannesburg. For the first time, the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation is going as far east as Bezuidenhout Valley, and as far south as Kliptown, site of the famed Freedom Charter gathering.
South Africa's heritage is world class

The king returns to Cradock

Wild lions have been released in the Mountain Zebra National Park after they were hunted to extinction in the area more than a century ago. The zebra population is now a healthy 800, along with several large antelope species, enough to support the lions.
Addo’s elephant fence comes down

Take a trip to Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is a vast, open land of breathtaking landscapes and ancient history. Kimberley, the old diamond-mining town, is the provincial capital, and a good place to start your adventure through this surprising, beautiful part of the world.
• Khoisan couple home at last


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