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SA Airways to test tobacco biofuel in 2015

A crop of a nicotine-free, GMO-free tobacco plant called Solaris is soon to be harvested in South Africa's Limpopo province - and turned into bio-jet fuel. Working with international partners, South African Airways plans to have its first domestic test flight using the fuel as early as next year.

Boeing, South African Airways to make jet fuel from tobacco

South African Airways is partnering with US aerospace giant Boeing and Amsterdam-based SkyNRG to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new type of tobacco plant, in a pioneering project that could make aviation more environment-friendly while advancing rural development in southern Africa.

Tobacco smuggling up in smoke

An international treaty – signed by South Africa – aims to use global co-operation to combat the smuggling of tobacco and tobacco products. The industry’s supply chain will also be controlled.
Proactive approach to mental health

Bill to curb smoking in SA

South Africa aims to further discourage smoking by passing the Tobacco Product Amendment Bill, which increases the age restriction for selling of tobacco from 16 to 18 years.


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