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Dogs unleashed on metal thieves

Cable theft costs the city of Cape Town millions of rands each year, prompting it to set up its metal theft unit – the Copperheads. Now they’ve been joined by a K-9 crew to bite down on metal thieves.
Special anti-poaching weapon for SA

Lifesaving SA innovation

Lifesaving SA innovation

A South African device originally designed to stop mineworkers stealing diamonds is saving the lives of critically injured patients around the world. Taking just 13 seconds for a full-body x-ray, the Lodox Statscan saves time in the vital "golden hour."
Game's up for cellphone thieves

Game’s up for cellphone thieves

A huge blow has been struck against cellphone theft in South Africa with the signing of an agreement between the country's cellular service providers, Business Against Crime and the SA Police Service that will render all reported stolen cellphones useless.


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