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Morocco set to become Africa's solar superpower

Morocco set to become Africa’s solar superpower

Concentrated solar power is one of the fastest growing energy technologies, and Africa is leading the way. In addition to several South African solar thermal plants operating or under construction, Morocco's Noor plant, set to become the largest in Africa, begins its first phase this month.
Revised trade deficit 'positive news'

South African innovation sets pace for mining industry

The adoption of new technologies in the mining sector and innovation around robotics and mechanisation is helping to enhance South Africa's global competitiveness, writes Brand SA board member Rick Mennell.

A ‘disruptive’ technology: Sandile Ngcobo’s world-first digital laser

Breakthrough experimental work by University of KwaZulu-Natal scientist Sandile Ngcobo as part of his PhD research has led to the development of a world-first digital laser set to open up revolutionary new technologies for medicine, communications, manufacturing, product development and more.

500 Gb/s network trial a global first in SA

‘Harness ICT to serve Africa’s people’

Information and communication technologies can help governments across the continent improve their services to citizens, Communications Minister Dina Pule said at the opening of the inaugural ICT Indaba in Cape Town on Monday.

Govt buildings to go ‘green’

The government has embarked on a campaign to use energy-efficient sources of lighting in its buildings as part of efforts to encourage environmentally friendly practices in the country.


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