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Brexit: How can Africa benefit?

Africa may benefit from Brexit, but it must be through technological advancement and not through its commodities.Britain voting to leave the European Union...
Next Einstein Forum looks for Africa's leaders

Next Einstein Forum looks for Africa’s leaders

Can the next Einstein come from Africa? In the run up to the Next Einstein Forum's first global gathering for science in Africa this month, it has called on game changers from Africa and around the world to support a new era in science and technology on the continent.
World Cup 'turning point' for South Africa

Brand SA hosts international media

Brand South Africa last week played host to a group of international journalists from three continents, who were here to gain exposure to South African government and business, experience local life and culture, and learn about the country's latest technological developments.

Board games make learning fun

The educational power of the board game is being unleashed thanks to nifty creations by Afro Games – a one-man company that tackles pertinent social issues using customised games.


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