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Japan beckons for young South Africans

If you join the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme, you can expect to work in schools in beautiful towns and villages such as Shirakawa....

Their future their choice

Through teaching young people skills and values such as tolerance, perseverance and resilience, Life Choices helps them to overcome their challenges and be the...

Young South African dancer shares his road to success

17 June 2016A hip hop dance choreographer from Port Elizabeth says his mother encouraging him to start his own crew helped him overcome his...
South African classrooms go digital

South African classrooms go digital

Interactive boards and mobile devices are set to replace the traditional chalkboard and notebooks for Grade 12 students in Gauteng. The provincial department of education has started a province-wide rollout of technology to create paperless classrooms.

Education, empowerment on this week’s Play Your Part TV

This Sunday's episode of the Play Your Part TV series looks at South Africans who are making their mark in the fields of education and empowerment.

Sangari helps teachers think out the box

The portable iBox is changing teaching at many South African schools. It combines ICT with high-tech presentation facilities, giving teachers a valuable resource. The remote clickers help them assess levels of understanding among pupils. The proof, believe some, can be seen in the pudding.

Nelson Mandela science school – a promise fulfilled

Four years ago, the head of Siemens made a commitment to Nelson Mandela – to build a school in the quiet rural village of his birth. That school, a state-of-the-art science and technology secondary institution, has now opened to great fanfare.

The Bright Kid Foundation’s light bright container classrooms

The Bright Kid Foundation's converted shipping containers are proving a hit with township teachers who, along with their students, love the roomy, bright and safe spaces that are replacing sub-standard classrooms.

Teaching with tablets piloted in E Cape

Teaching with tablets piloted in E Cape

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is providing multimedia tablets and training to 160 teachers at 11 schools in the Eastern Cape as part of a project that aims to develop a mobile teaching model that can be applied countrywide.

Youth get down to business

A new proposed series of workshops will teach South Africa’s young people about business fundamentals, how the economy works, and what they can do to contribute to it.


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