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First Things First targets more students

Following its success last year, First Things First aims to test even more students this year. The 2017 campaign was launched in the Western...

Infographic: 10 things to know about TB

Since the discovery of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) in 1882, 24 March has been observed as World TB Day. We gather facts...
TB trial

Trial in South Africa successful in treating XDR TB

March is Tuberculosis Awareness Month. A trial in South Africa to treat extensive drug-resistant tuberculosis has proven to be successful.Brand South Africa reporterA trial...
Sugar tax

WHO endorses South Africa’s sugar tax

The World Health Organization has backed South Africa’s stance on taxing sugary drinks. It is a step towards curbing non-communicable diseases such as diabetes...

African scientists make headway in grasping persistent TB bacteria

With more than one million people being diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis each year, it has become difficult to fight the disease. But Africa’s scientists are making progress by targeting bacteria using techniques that have never been applied to TB research.

Health hero on a mission to fight TB

phumeza---thumbAt 19, Phumeza Tisile was misdiagnosed and mistreated, with disastrous consequences. With specialist help, she recovered. Now she is going global in her quest to get treatment for XDR-TB to those who need it most.

Positive ageing encourages South Africans to live better

The Second World Conference on Healthy Ageing will be held in Johannesburg at the end of July, focusing on positive ageing, which encourages senior citizens to make the most of growing older with active minds in active bodies It will also look at challenges such as overmedication, caregiving and legal issues.

HIV/Aids cases stabilising: survey

World TB Day: South Africa launches screening campaign

With South Africa having the third highest incidence of TB in the world, the government's latest campaign aimed at encouraging South Africans - particularly those in mining communities, early childhood development centres, and inmates in correctional facilities - to be screened and tested for TB.
SA team develops HIV monitoring tool

SA team develops HIV monitoring tool

An innovative electronic register that monitors patients on treatment for HIV and tuberculosis developed by the University of Cape Town is being picked up by other countries across the world, including Mozambique, Vietnam and Pakistan.
SA scientists helping to develop 'game-changing' TB drug

SA scientists helping to develop ‘game-changing’ TB drug

South African scientists are part of an international research group that is on track to deliver more effective, less expensive and shorter TB treatment - and one which also has the potential to cure multi-drug-resistant TB - using a new combination of drugs.


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