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Cheaper water test to improve lives

A Rhodes University student has come up with a cheap and effective home test kit to check the microbial quality of water. It will specifically help rural communities avoid drinking contaminated water.
 Pure water in a jiffy

SA's tap water 'safe to drink'

Cheers to South Africa’s tap water

While sipping on bottled water has become something of a lifestyle statement, a survey has revealed that most South Africans are happy with the high quality water that comes straight from their taps.
SA's tap water 'safe to drink'

Thumbs up for South Africa’s tap water

Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica says the world can rest assured that the tap water in all host cities for the 2010 Fifa World Cup is safe to drink.
Clean water - a basic human right

SA tap water ‘among the best’

Unlike most destinations where tourists have to buy bottled water, South Africa's tap water is of high quality and compares favourably with that of leading industrialised nations - leaving visitors with extra money to spend elsewhere.


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