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Africa’s longest suspension bridge

The Maputo-Catembe Bridge being built across Maputo Bay will boost trade and tourism between Mozambique and South Africa by cutting travel time between the two nations. Construction, the first part of a three-phase road development project, is scheduled for completion in 2017.

South Africa: world tourist hotspot

South Africa's popularity as a tourism destination, locally and globally, is on the up and the Department of Tourism says it is well on its way to achieving its goal to be a Top 20 destination by 2020.
SA improves travel, tourism competitiveness

Ancient culture from the Border Cave

KZN’s Border Cave is an anthropological treasure trove which has yielded an continuous record of occupation – including the world's oldest mathematical instrument – for the last 120 000 years.
New fox species found at Malapa

Border posts go hi-tech

The modernisation of South Africa’s border control technology is easing the process for people taking cargo across national borders, and making it harder for criminals to dodge the system.
More soldiers patrol borders

Community workers save the day

Doctors, nurses, activists and policy makers have all been vital to Africa's HIV programmes, but supporting them every step of the way has been an army of dedicated community health workers and volunteers who care for people living with the disease.
Board game makes Aids education fun

Swazi attorney wins Green Nobel Prize

Swaziland’s Thuli Makama is one of six recipients of this year’s prestigious Goldman Prize for outstanding environmental work.
Cheetah guru wins Tyler Prize

Children’s radio, by children

People are calling Swaziland's first children's radio programme "Ses'khona", which literally means, "We're here", but in the siSwati language it implies the arrival of a group that intends to stay and be heard.

Swaziland to wipe out malaria

Health experts predict that Swaziland will be the second country in the Southern African Development Community to eradicate malaria. Mauritius was the first country in the region to achieve this health milestone.

SA, Swaziland strengthen ties

Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has concluded a two-day visit to Swaziland, where she and her counterpart, Senator Mabili Dlamini, launched a joint bilateral commission for co-operation between the two countries.


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