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Ebola survivors share life-saving tips via mobile app

Ebola survivors share life-saving tips via mobile app

"Yes, I survived Ebola," a Guinean woman said in the first message sent through an interactive application that is being used to deliver public health information about Ebola to affected populations, helping to reduce the stigma faced by survivors in West Africa.

Freedom rediscovered

It has been a long road, but this month South Africans celebrate almost two decades of democracy and universal human rights. It is a significant milestone, and a good time to reflect on history.
• Freedom Park: celebrating peace

Closing in on total asbestos ban

Big bikes rev up for good causes

Harley-Davidson recently launched its 2012 range, and whether the mighty machines inspire envy, admiration or irritation, it is important to not forget that they are used extensively for good in South Africa and elsewhere.
Bikers hit the road for Mandela Day

South African leprosy survivors – no longer outcasts

In Biblical times, leprosy was considered a curse and people suffering from the disease were isolated. Today Hansen’s Disease, as it's called, is an easily curable illness like any other, and almost eradicated in South Africa. Globally, the war against leprosy is being won.


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