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Love Life; Gift Life calls for organ donors

Founders of Love Life; Gift Life and lung transplant recipients (l to r) Shaylene Perry, Fawn Rogers and Siobhan Scallan have a second lease...
Poaching victim Hope survives surgery

Poaching victim Hope survives surgery

Hope the rhino was tranquillised by poachers who hacked off her horn and left her for dead, but a dedicated team of wildlife surgeons and conservationists have saved the rhino from what one vet called "easily one of the worst injuries that I have ever worked on".

Dr Benn builds a clinic without walls

The HJ Breast Clinic is a place where a multitude of medical and social disciplines look at the whole of the patient during treatment. The idea is a health system that treats its patients as whole beings and not just a collection of diseased organs – and imagine if more medical professionals gave of their time.

Under the robotic knife

The da Vinci surgery robotic system has made its way to South African shores after 13 years on the international medical scene. Patients at Pretoria's Urology Hospital will soon find themselves able to opt for robotic surgery guided by a surgeon's hands.
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