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South African female authors share their journeys

18 August 2016 Trapped. A strong woman's triumph over abuse is Capetonian Sam Scarborough's diary, now published as a book. Her story – a confident and financially...

Shoes keep schooling on track

walk---thumbWalk a Child to School is helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children through the simple act of donating school shoes. You are urged to help the cause.

Bin cleaners bring Hollywood to Khayelitsha

Bin cleaners bring Hollywood to Khayelitsha

In June 2015, student Buhle Sithela began cleaning rubbish bins in Khayelitsha, on the outskirts of Cape Town, where he lives. He uses the money he makes from the project to aid the people of the township, including hosting community film screenings. Movies are his passion, he says.

Tapiwa holds her own at Wits

wits---thumbAt just 15, Tapiwa Shendelane is the youngest engineering student at Wits University. But that is not holding her back from getting the most out of university life.

South African student is first female quadriplegic to climb Kili

South African student is first female quadriplegic to climb Kili

Cape Town student Chaeli Mycroft is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this week in hopes of becoming the first female quadriplegic to summit Africa's greatest peak and raise awareness of children with disabilities.
South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

South African PhD student describes new dinosaur

A Wits University student is one of the authors of a report published in Scientific Reports that describes a new dinosaur found on a Free State farm. Named Pulanesaurus eocollum, it was "relatively small' at 8m long and weighing 5 tons.
UCT in world top 100 subject ranking

SA sets aside R10bn for student loans, bursaries

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has increased its budget for bursaries and loans for tertiary education by more than R1-billion. The cash will be used for first- time and continuing university students and those at technical and vocational education and training colleges.

Teacher mentor programme wins international award

psp-thumbA South African non-profit organisation is leading the field in helping to improve the quality of maths and science teachers, by mentoring new teachers. It also offers resources, induction and support to novice teachers who are new to the classroom.

South African student Buyisiwe Sondezi makes history

Dr Buyisiwe Sondezi is a rare breed. The University of Johannesburg student overcame early stumbling blocks as a young learner to become the first woman in Africa to be awarded a doctoral degree in experimental physics of highly correlated matter.

Blecher changes the education paradigm

From Cida to the Maharishi Institute, Taddy Blecher is taking his inside-out approach to education and philanthropic philosophy to a whole new level. There are no hand-outs at this business school – each graduate pays for another student who takes his place in a cycle aimed at improving the community as a whole. We can end poverty, he says.


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