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South Africans 'mostly caring

Wildcat strikes hurt the poor: Zuma

Trade union leaders should engage with their members to avert unnecessary labour action, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday, adding that illegal or "wildcat" strikes were no way to advance the interests of marginalised South Africans.
'Social pact' to turn SA economy around

‘Social pact’ to turn SA economy around

The government, business and labour, led by President Jacob Zuma, have announced an "action package" of measures to prevent the spread of strikes, improve confidence in the economy, and remove obstacles to sustainable job creation and development in the country.
SA to push UN development goals

Zuma condemns strike violence

President Jacob Zuma has spoken out against the violence that has characterised recent industrial action in South Africa, saying that striking workers should use existing channels to address their grievances within the law, and that violence could not be tolerated.


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