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Nal’ibali’s Story Bosso is named

storry-bosso---thumbAt just seven years old, Athandiwe Sikade is the top story teller in the land. She was voted the Story Bosso in Nal'ibali's story telling competition run countrywide over the past year.

Nal’ibali searches across South Africa for its Story Bosso

nalibali---thumbStorytellers across the land were invited to tell stories for Nal'ibali's Story Bosso – the best storyteller in the land. Out of thousands of entries, there are 15 finalists. Their audio stories are available for download from Nal'ibali, as the celebrity judges decide on the winner.

Storytelling competition to find South Africa’s “Story Bosso”

Nalibali thumbJoin the Zazi movement: start a Zazi club in your area, follow #BagitUseit, and start talking about women's rights and general life skills. Zazi calls for a countrywide movement that will lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.


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