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Nal’ibali asks you to make a promise

Reading thumbParents, caregivers and children have been asked to make a pledge to build a bond of reading. A love of reading and stories in childhood will grow into a love of reading in adulthood and a literate population.

SAA, Nal’ibali take youngsters on reading adventure

cupcakes---thumbYoungsters flying on SAA aeroplanes over the festive season have an extra treat: the Nal'ibali Story Power magazine will be available in-flight, along with audio books for their entertainment. It is all part of the reading for enjoyment campaign.

Tell your story of growing up in South Africa

Tell your story of growing up in South Africa

Understanding that telling stories brings people together to build understanding, the government has launched the Tell Your Story campaign to foster greater communication and empathy between South Africans.
Film tackles Winnie Mandela's life story

Film tackles Winnie Mandela’s life story

A film about the turbulent life of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the ex-wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela, opens in South African cinemas in March. Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson stars in the title role.

Across the Colour Bar: Nthabiseng’s story

Nthabiseng Hibbert is an ordinary South African woman who, for the past two decades, has lived in a modest home in Katlehong, one of the country's largest – and poorest – black urban townships. Only one thing sets her apart from her neighbours: Nthabiseng is white.

Brand South Africa CEO encourages citizens to tell the South African story


Johannesburg, 26 September 2013 – Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola, interacting with journalists from African media houses currently on a media tour profiling infrastructure projects in South Africa, reiterated that South African citizens must shape the narrative of the story we want told about our country.

//hapo tells the story of Africa

Africa’s story began more than three billion years ago. It is a story of survival, hope, courage, oppression and ultimately freedom. //hapo, at Freedom Park Museum in Pretoria, explores it all.
Ancient culture from the Border Cave

A story of a wonderful friend, an old lady and our ability to change.

Moved by experiences with the inhabitants an old age home, Brian Moore now has a new zest for life, and helps out by giving time toward small services for the elderly.

Mandela's story told in meals

Mandela’s story told in meals

Hunger for Freedom: The Story of Food in the Life of Nelson Mandela explores Mandela's hunger for freedom both literally and metaphorically, linking stories from his childhood, his life as an activist, political prisoner and world statesman with the food that he ate and the people he ate with.
Fog harvesting in the E Cape

Fog harvesting in the E Cape

We recently installed a Fog Harvesting system in the Alfred Nzo District Municipality at a place called Cabazana. The experience was mindblowing ...


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