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Tag: Stephen Bantu Biko

22 memories of martyrs for our freedom

For this Freedom Month it’s important for all South Africans to remember the struggle heroes who sacrificed their lives for our democracy. To mark 22 years of freedom, we salute 22 martyrs of the liberation struggle.

Stephen Biko Steve Biko liberate the mind

Biko: first liberate the mind

It's been 38 years since 12 September 1977, when Bantu Stephen Biko died in police detention at the age of 30 - leaving behind him a fundamentally altered political landscape and a liberating mirror for the black men and women of South Africa.

Biko’s legacy lives on

Stephen Bantu Biko died in police detention on 12 September 1977, but the principles that he stood for live on today through a series of programmes run by the Steve Biko Foundation.
The press in South Africa


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