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Malunga follows the music

A classically trained pianist and cellist who has put in years as an entertainment lawyer, Unathi Malunga is adding new notes to her score. She is studying orchestral conducting, and plans to be the first black African woman to conduct a professional orchestra.

African scientists make headway in grasping persistent TB bacteria

With more than one million people being diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis each year, it has become difficult to fight the disease. But Africa’s scientists are making progress by targeting bacteria using techniques that have never been applied to TB research.

New Research Chairs at South African university

New Research Chairs at South African university

Stellenbosch University and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research have established two new Research Chairs - one in artificial intelligence and one in quantum, optical and atomic physics. Both are expected to boost innovation and discovery in these fields.
SA doctors perform world's first successful penis transplant

SA doctors perform world’s first successful penis transplant

Doctors at Stellenbosch University have described the operation as a massive breakthrough - especially in a country where many young men lose their penises due to complications after traditional circumcision.

Maths, science teaching gets boost

A new video technology has been introduced as a learning platform by a joint venture of Vodacom and the University of Stellenbosch, to improve teacher training in mathematics and physical science.
Denel helps maths, science pupils

Hi-tech shacks for better living

A team of researchers from Stellenbosch University’s Sustainability Institute have developed an innovative approach to upgrade housing and improve living conditions in informal settlements.
Sunlight transforms communities

Cultural group writes own history

A new book has been published to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Eoan Group, South Africa’s first grassroots amateur opera, ballet and drama organisation.
SA’s opera diva’s big win in Moscow

Hi-tech classroom for better learning

Stellenbosch University has launched a new high-tech teaching space on its campus. The experimental classroom is encouraging social learning among students and stimulating brain functioning through new ways of teaching and presenting information.
A fun approach to science teaching

Sea life explained for young explorers

A marine biologist from Stellenbosch University has authored a children’s book on Southern African sea life to teach young people about the importance of oceans and inspire them to explore marine environments in Africa.
Protecting marine life with plastic

New technology to treat burns

A South African microbiologist has applied modern technology and science to develop a new dressing to treat burn wounds. The new dressing is the first of its kind and will reduce the risk of secondary infections.
Drug delivery gets sophisticated


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