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Philippi Village builds business

phillippi---thumbAn entrepreneurial complex built on the site of an old cement factory in the low income Cape township of Philippi has local growth at its heart.

Biogas backpack revolutionises cooking in Ethiopia

B-Energy, a bio-fuel start-up, is changing rural Ethiopia by producing and providing people with bags that can carry and store biogas. It is also getting locals to start their own businesses by producing and providing biogas to their communities.

Sunsa is shining for South African entrepreneurs

Ronald-House---ThumbSouth Africa has joined a global entrepreneur revolution with the launch of Startup Nations South Africa. It is a collaborative effort that aims to mobilise human, financial and institutional resources as a means to support, develop and grow start-up businesses across the country.

Small businesses compete for seat on UK plane

Up and coming businesses are in the final leg of the selection process for the Medo International Trade Programme, which will take them on a steep learning curve in the United Kingdom. On the trip, they will be exposed to what it takes to be a world-class player in a competitive field.

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Clay is a natural for cosmetics

Using ancient knowledge of indigenous herbs passed down through generations of healers in her family, throwing in some modern know-how, and mixing it all up with clay, Adolphina Setsena is creating a thoroughly up-to-date product – anti-ageing cosmetics and make-up. It's such a good idea, she won an SAB Foundation Social Innovation Award.

A winning open education system

A Cape Town start-up has won an international competition for documenting the importance of Open Education Resources, a system that uses freely available digital materials for teaching, learning and research.

Finland boosts SA small business

SA set for young ‘Pimps’

The Usobomvu Youth Fund is giving 250 young South Africans start-up capital to sell prepaid airtime vouchers and energy drinks, as well as to become "Pimps" - positively intelligently motivated persons.


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