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Brand South Africa stakeholder and South African reputation survey

Brand South Africa would like to invite you to participate in their stakeholder and South African reputation survey.

Stakeholder, SA Reputation & Competitiveness Survey

Your input is greatly appreciated!
This Friday

‘We’re all South Africa ambassadors’

When it comes to promoting the country, its innovations, its people, its ethos of ubuntu and its economic sustainability, the role of ambassador belongs to all South Africans, says International Marketing Council CEO Miller Matola.

Stakeholder Summit gallery

Africa's most valuable nation brand, South Africa, continues to search its soul and look towards enhancing its international reputation and increasing its brand equity...

Building a thriving nation brand

Brand South Africa took bold steps towards positioning the country as a globally competitive nation with a stakeholder summit on 31 May 2011 in Johannesburg.
SA named Africa's top nation brand

Branding SA ‘a national imperative’

Branding South Africa is not a matter of choice but a necessity that requires "the concerted effort" of business, government and civil society in order to succeed, Deputy Minister in the Presidency Dina Pule told an International Marketing Council of SA summit in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

2011 Brand South Africa Stakeholder Summit

Together we can create a spirit for success in a new world Through May and June 2011 Brand South Africa traversed the country, sharing its...


Brand South Africa works with a wide-range of role-players to co-ordinate marketing initiatives to build the country’s brand. Find out more about our stakeholders.


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