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SS Mendi bell resurfaces

The bell from the ill-fated SS Mendi, the ship that took more than 600 South Africans to their watery graves, has surfaced. Priya Pitamber In a...
SS Mendi

South African historical novel commemorates SS Mendi centenary

South African writer Fred Khumalo uses the historical context of the sinking of the SS Mendi as background for his latest novel, Dancing the...
SS Mendi tragedy on stage at the Soweto Theatre

SS Mendi tragedy on stage at the Soweto Theatre

On 21 February 1917, the SS Mendi troopship carrying more than 800 black South African men sank off the Isle of Wight in the British Channel. The bravery of the men as they stared death in the face is portrayed on staged at the Soweto Theatre.
SS Mendi ship history

Remembering the SS Mendi

On 21 February 1917 over 600 black South Africans serving in World War I lost their lives when the troop carrier SS Mendi sank in the icy waters of the English Channel. The tragedy is now being commemorated by a special film produced by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


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