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South Africa’s weather and climate

A subtropical location, moderated by ocean on two sides of the triangle-shaped country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa - and so popular with its foreign visitors.
South Africa's west coast explodes in colour

South Africa’s west coast explodes in colour

It's "flower safari" time as South Africa's West Coast National Park prepares for its annual influx of visitors, come to see the spectacular spring flower displays that take place every August and September.

Coke launches ‘green’ factory, bottle

Coca-Cola South Africa celebrated the opening of its new “green” Valpré Spring Water plant by launching an environment-friendly plastic bottle – of which 30% is organic material.
Coca-Cola pours $54m into plant

Coca-Cola opens 'green' bottling plant

Coca-Cola opens ‘green’ bottling plant

Coca-Cola South Africa has opened a new state-of-the-art plant to bottle Valpre Spring Water in Heidelberg, south-east of Johannesburg, introducing the environmentally friendly PlantBottle packaging to the African market for the first time.


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