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Madagascar’s natural resources under siege

Scientists are racing to preserve Madagascar's trove of unique flora and fauna as deforestation threatens the African island's diverse plant and animal wealth....

Amphibians yield new parasite species

A renowned South African researcher has discovered five new parasite species – considered by many scientists to be nigh impossible to find – in the rain forests of French Guiana in South America.
Going batty in Southern Africa

African tusker now two species

Scientists feel that a lengthy debate could at last be resolved, with the recent publication in the peer-reviewed journal Public Library of Science of a study confirming that Africa has two species of elephant.
Addo's elephant fence comes down

Gallery: South Africa’s new ape-man species

View and download high-resolution images of Australopithecus sediba, a new species of hominid, or apeman, described after the discovery of two 1.9-million-year-old fossils in South Africa's Cradle of Humankind.
Gallery: World Cup stadiums

'New hominid species' at the Cradle

‘New hominid species’ at the Cradle

A South African-led team of scientists have announced the discovery of what they say is an entirely new hominid species at the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site outside Johannesburg, sparking fresh debate about the nature of our immediate ancestors. Lucille Davie reports.

Biggest web-spinner found in SA

Scientists have discovered a new species of spider in South Africa believed to be the largest of all known golden orb weavers.

A monkey first in South Africa

Boasting one of South Africa’s largest collections of primate species, the Mystic Monkeys and Feathers Wildlife Park is not a typical zoo in the city.

Frog boom in Tanzania

Over a dozen previously unknown new reptile and amphibian species have been discovered in the rainforests of eastern Tanzania, a region known for its rich biodiversity.

Kruger captures first European Tour title

Looking out for SA’s sea life

South Africa is no less of a culprit when it comes to threatening the survival of marine species by overfishing. To curb this, the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative aims to educate consumers on their choice of seafood and its impact on marine life.

DNA coding Kruger Park's plants

DNA coding Kruger Park’s plants

A small group of scientists have launched an ambitious project to use DNA sequencing and genetic barcoding technology to study the plants of South Africa's Kruger National Park, in a bid to identify the elusive genetic "barcode" for the Earth's plant species.


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