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Spotlight shines on African cuisine

Africa's food is as rich and diverse as its people, yet its culinary offerings are not that well known. Filmmaker and foodie Tuleka Prah wants to change that. She has started to chronicle traditional recipes made by ordinary people on her website, African Food Map. One day, she would like to create an African Food Dictionary.

South Africa stable on Ibrahim Index of African Governance

South Africa kept its fourth position out of 54 countries in the 2015 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, released on Monday, and edged up in the safety and rule of law category.

South Africa's wildlife wonders

Elephants find sanctuary in southern Africa

Three young elephants, captured in Zimbabwe for export, were left behind when 24 calves were sent to China. However, the pachyderms, which were injured before being captured, have been housed in an elephant orphanage where they will be rehabilitated and released into the wild.
Southern Africa to drive industrialisation

Southern Africa to drive industrialisation

Southern African leaders put industrialisation at the top of the SADC's agenda as their two-day summit in Zimbabwe ended on Monday, ordering a ministerial task force on regional economic integration to develop a roadmap for industrialisation in the region.

Plan to boost local industry

Manufacturing has the potential to cut unemployment and boost economies. It is key to growth in Southern Africa, and is a priority of the Industrial Policy Action Plan, which also has a focus on regional co-operation.
SA businesses honoured

Japan assistance for Southern Africa

The Japan International Co-operation Agency has released the preliminary findings of a study conducted to find ways of boosting economic development in Southern Africa, particularly along eight economic corridors selected for priority attention.
Japan hails SA space tech successes

Going wild in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is living up to its well-established conservation track record with the official launch of the world’s biggest transfrontier game park.
World’s largest nature area, in Africa

Boundless Southern Africa

Kingsley Holgate's Boundless Southern Africa expedition is underway. The initiative promotes Southern Africa's seven transfrontier conservation areas as investment and tourism opportunities.


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